Adam – welcome to this world

Well, after all my good intentions of updating this blog on a regular basis, it looks like I failed miserably once again, however things have quietened down a little now so hopefully I will have a little more time to blog, and more importantly time to take photographs.

Carrying on from my last post, I was trying to find the time to take some photos of Adam, my good friends Stuart & Nikky’s new born son, and thankfully I got that opportunity recently here is one of the results:


you can find more photos of Adam in the portrait gallery on my website and I am sure several more will be added over the coming weeks, when Adam is Christened. Talking of which, I am especially proud and honoured to have been chosen as one of his Godparents, so as he gets older I will look forward to introducing him to the finer things in life, such as Photography, Snooker and Beer, and not necessarily in that order!!

I don’t want to bore you too much, so that is it for now, my next post will be about Ryan Jarvis’s excellent photography workshop which I attended recently and hopefully the post won’t be as long coming as this one seems to have been.

Photography Blg

A strange couple of days for me, and not too much photographically to get excited about. A couple of shots for work, of a local author who will be giving an interesting talk on the history of Spalding, Lincolnshire, along with a number of old photos he has managed to assemble over a number of years. The local newspaper are running a story on him this week and needed some photos of him, so he came in to work and I took a couple. Today saw me taking a few record shots for a new landlord who has a tenant moving in to their property next weekend, and wanted to record the fixtures and fittings in the property in case of future disputes. A highly unlikely scenario but all recorded just in case.
Next on the list, some photographs of a good friends new born son. The shoot was to take place over the past couple of weeks, but due to illness has had to be postponed. I Will post details when it’s happened! So watch this space.

Welcome to my new blog

Ok, so here we go then on the start of a new adventure – blogging – I will try and keep up to date on here with whats happening in my world as an amateur photographer, so keep watching this space.